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Console (India) Inc. is a leading company in providing the world class video surveillance systems. The company offer a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution from traditional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based solutions.

CCTV Monitoring Systems in today's scenario changes technological advancements in the field of computers and communication have opened up a new world of CCTV remote surveillance and CCTV security solutions that protect people and property, reduce crime, and improve crime detection. Hi-Tech CCTV Monitoring provides cctv monitoring solutions, cctv remote monitoring, remote access control and critical asset remote monitoring services for commercial, industrial and residential premises.

The Solutions being offered For Video Surveillance are:

  • CCTV based Video surveillance for in building surveillance to serve the SMBs and corporate sectors
  • city-wide video surveillance for large corporate on Wide Area Network
  • Wireless Video Surveillance for large and strategic installation
  • Customized surveillance solutions to meet the security requirements of the customers
CCTV System Benefits

CCTV Systems combined with professionally delivered remote monitoring services ensures a virtual onsite presence and complete off-premises facilities control. CCTV Monitoring provide round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and CCTV monitoring of your premises by linking your CCTV systems to our professionally staffed.

Availing CCTV Remote Monitoring and video recording services from Console India Inc. helps you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Taking advantage of our cctv systems experience in serving global clients, the innovative skills of our professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our domain expertise, enables business to extend their vision beyond territorial boundaries.

We are maintains CCTV systems for many leading retailers, transportation and distribution, commercial and industrial firms. CCTV systems improve security, operations and risk management in your business.

We offer cost effective CCTV Monitoring solutions that cater custom requirements.

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