Medical Equipments

Console (India) Inc. offers a wide range of medical equipments for sales. Apart from sales, it provides all types of support and maintainence needed.

Following are the list of medical equipments that Console (India) Inc. provides:

  • Siemens Somatom plus 4 Spiral CT Machine
  • Philips HDI – 4000 Colour Doppler Machine
  • Meditronics 500 mA X-ray Machine
  • Kodak Dry View 8150 Laser Printer
  • Kodak Point of Care CR 120
  • Immulite 2000 - Chemiluminiscence based fully automated hormone, drug & tumor marker
  • Konelab 20 - fully automated biochemistry analyser
  • Cellenium 19 - fully automated hematology analyzer
  • Elite - fully automated Na, K, Cl/Li analyser
  • Fully automated Electrophoresis instrument
  • RMS 32 channel computerized EEG, ECG, EMG, TMT Machine
  • Pulmonary Function Machine
  • Nerve Conduction Machine
  • BERA Test Machine
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