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Console (India) Inc. offers its customers a unique opportunity to have a glimse of some of the online softwares developed and experience the difference.

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Schooll Management Software

School Management Software:
School management system is a bunch of dynamic integrated services required to managing a school efficiently with optimum manual resources. As it is built with robust high field software technologies data inconsistency has been eliminated resulting in accuracy, time efficiency and high level data security so that a school can be managed in a very effective way with less effort.

Both online and offline options are available.
School Management Software Demonstration

Library Management Software

Library Management Software:
Harsh time has gone to manage a library with large manual resource as library software provides a new innovative way to manage books in a very lucid way. Our robust software is time efficient, highly secured and minimal human resource.

Both online and offline options are available.
Library Management Software Demonstration


Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software:
Attendance software provides a relieving solution to the growing industries and institution by providing an enhanced and easy way to maintain and manipulate its employee or students attendance and lead a way to keep eye on the performance and punctuality.

Both online and offline options are available.
Attendance Management Software Demonstration


Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software:
Institute management system is a robust software solution package that manages various types of institution efficiently with minimal manual power. It introduces latest integrated software tools for keeping an eye on institute and leads the institute to be more productive.

Both online and offline options are available.
Institute Management Software Demonstration


Bulk SMS System for Schools

Bulk SMS System for Schools:
Innovative idea in the field of communication which bridge the gap between teacher, parents and student; it provides a interactive environment for information interchange in the form of sms.

The institute can easily provide required information to its user by mean of remote services in the form of sms.

Both online and offline options are available.
Bulk SMS System for Schools - Demonstration

Bulk SMS System for Schools

Bulk SMS System for Corporates:
SMS software provides a new means to establish clear communication among boss, employee and customers or any group created as per requirement. Innovative ideas are easily shared by the user and hence enhance productivity.

Both online and offline options are available.
Bulk SMS System for Corporates - Demonstration


Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System:
With the growth of population the hospital has become a place of storing very huge database to manage its internal functionality. Such a large database can’t be managed manually and if managed they lead to chaos several times. So we introduce our hospital management system which is totally computerized solution to handle such situation in an effective way so that there is no place of chaos and optimum utilization of resources. There is no place for accidental loss of data which is often in manual.

Both online and offline options are available.
Hospital Management System - Demonstration

Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System:
Today hotel industry has extended itself to such a horizon, it requires centralization of data for its fruitful functionality and security prospect which can’t be achieved in a manual way . With our hotel management system we provide integrates solution   for hotels resulting in accuracy, time efficient and easy to use.

Both online and offline options are available.
Hotel Management System - Demonstration


Hotel Management System

Powerful multiple file and image upload control that allows uploading multiple files (any type) with advanced features. This software is intended for fast and easy integration into web solutions functionality of uploading multiple files on a server through Internet from a web browser. Absence of file size limits gives you complete freedom in uploading of any data, it ideal tool for uploading documents, pictures for photo galleries, etc. and acts as data locker.

Both online and offline options are available.
Dashboard - Demonstration

Hotel Management System

DJ Enterprise:
Clint based application to maintain complains, query and request related data. DJ Enterprises deals with health related equipments and their Clint post query using this software.

Both online and offline options are available.
DJ Enterprise - Demonstration


Hotel Management System

Clint based application for creating aadhaar records of general public and contribute to the vast database of AADHAR Campaign drive in India.

Online application is available.
MIS AADHAAR - Demonstration



Hotel Management System

e-Commerce Solutions:
Web based e-Commerce solutions and website for sale and purchase of goods and services. Setting up of payment gateway to receive payments from clients for sale of products.


Online application is available.
e-Commerce Solutions

Hotel Management System

Total ERP Solution:
The increasing use of computer in daily business activities has increased the importance of ERP solutions for organizations of every size.The best solution to this requirement is using Enterprise Resource Planning software. Small and medium businesses can greatly benefit from use of ERP software as it allows them to improve their business and focus on growth.

Both online and offline options are available.
Total ERP Solution



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