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Consol (India) Inc. presents a own made and new quality of thin client solutions for every organization. Our thin client concept is very new and it has a very good speed capacity for the clients. We have Thin client manufacturing factory in Ranchi-Jharkhand.
Basically the thin client is client- server architecture that connects users to server, where applications and data are stored and processed. Instead of running applications locally on each individual PC, the application is run centrally on the server and viewed locally on individual terminals.

Thin Clients are also known as Diskless PCs, Dumb Terminals, Lean Clients, Terminal Services Client, Thin PC, etc. while the technology has also been referred to as Diskless Computing, Server Based Computing, Remote Computing, Remote Desktop Computing, etc.

Thin Client Benefits

Lower blocking of working capital in fixed assets:
Since Thin Clients are units with lower processing capabilities, their cost is much lower than the cost of a regular desktop at any point of time. A typical desktop with a Core 2 Duo processor could cost as much as Rs. 20,000/- whereas a Thin Client would cost about Rs. 10,000/- to 12,000/-. That’s translates to about 50% lower than a desktop.

Low downtime and high productivity:
A frequent complaint of computer users is that their hard disk drive has crashed or the operating system has corrupted files an consequently is not booting up. With Thin Clients users cannot install, uninstall or delete any system, software or files other than those in their own "My Documents" folder. Only the Administrator can do so. As a result, there is near zero down time and high levels of productivity.

No loss of data:
In case of power failure, all desktop PCs lose data (unless expenditure has been incurred for a UPS on each PC individually). In case of thin clients, if the client machines switch off, there is no such problem. The server switches over to the single UPS and the data can be safely backed up or saved. When power is restored, the user returns to the same spot he was working on without any loss of data.

Virus protection
Without a local device to introduce data, the possibility of transferring a virus is substantially reduced. Anti virus protection is needed for server only because the client pcs don’t have any hard disk. The main hard disk is in server, where all data are stored. So the cost saving for the anti virus too

More savings:
In future there is no need to install or even upgrade to new PCs...simply upgrade the server and all client machines get upgraded automatically. This results in substantial cost savings to an organization as replacing old PCs with new ones or even upgrading to new ones can be a costly exercise amounting to more than Rs. 20,000/- per unit.

With a normal desktop PC, a user cannot access it if he is away from his workstation. In case of Thin Clients a user is not restricted to being at his designated workstation. He can make any workstation his own. For instance, if a user's workstation is on floor 1 and he has to go to floor 3, all he needs to do is imply sit down at any workstation there and log in using his user name and password and his entire session and screen gets logged out from the workstation on floor 1 and transferred to that particular workstation on floor 3 with the cursor and mouse exactly where he left it.

More benefits:

  • Centralized operations and controls.
  • No need to take backup from many different PCs. Simply take backup from one place i.e. the server.
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