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The advantages of video conferencing are far super ceding the advantages of business travel as of late, which is why we are seeing so many companies these days using video conferences instead of paying the high travel expenses of sending their employees on trips all over the world. And don't be fooled into thinking that it is only high powered law firms or doctors associations that use this new type of software. It has widespread use among a very diverse collection of professionals.

Console India Inc’s video conferencing solutions encompass a range of offerings to meet the needs of professionals and educators seeking to bring advanced technology to their environments. Console India Inc’s conference room solutions are designed for optimal face-to-face communications and enhance the experience of meeting over video conferencing such that each meeting is seamless and integrated.

All of Console India Inc‘s solutions include high quality cameras and systems that are fully standards-based, easy-to-use, and are controlled with an ergonomically designed remote control. Combine these systems with any of the attractive, functional, and versatile cart/display options for a complete turn-key video conferencing solution.

It is based on years of experience designing IP based conferencing solutions from the ground up and includes the powerful combination of hardware based servers to support media processing for advanced room system devices and software servers to support the need for high scalability and distributed processing for the desktop and mobile markets.

Console India Inc.  provides the best multi-party web video conferencing software solutions using standard PCs, Internet connections, and widely available PC video peripherals. Today We offer Telepresence quality with web conferencing convenience. Our complete range of audio and Video Conferencing Solutions are hardware independent, unlike the traditional hardware video conferencing from Sony, Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize etc which work mostly with Expensive proprietary hardware products only. Console India Inc.’s easy to use and set up Video conferencing will get you started immediately without the high infrastructure costs and time.

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